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DVB & progress on 15th September 2005 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
I'm pleased to see that Marcus Overhagen has made significant progress with his DVB drivers, and released time-limited preview releases onto BeBits - see Marcus' BeBits profile.
I'm in the middle of finishing my PhD thesis right now, while my Be machine needs some serious attention, so won't get a chance to play with them just yet, but it's good to see things out in the world.
This also raises the question of how to pay for hard work like that which has gone into making these drivers, and I've some ideas, but they'll have to wait a few months.
I still intend to return to this project, but it will probably change shape a little. The basic goals remain the same, but the world has changed quite a lot since this was first conceived. I'd still like to do something under a Be-like operating system, and Haiku is starting to look rather promising. That said, I may move the core code to something a bit more cross platform, to fit with other things I'm working on. I've got around 4 weeks pegged at the end of the year to grind away on videdot and release something worthwhile.
London on 22nd July 2005 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
Just heard the most remarkable interview with Marie Fatayi-Williams on Radio 4.
Her son was killed in the bus bomb at Tavistock Square two weeks ago. She is stoic, resolute - eschewing hate. She is respectful of other religions (she is a Roman Catholic, her husband is a Muslim), talking boldly of how people are twisting the Holy Qur'an. She refuses to judge her son's killer - leaving that to God.
For anyone touched by the attacks this is obviously a traumatic and sad time and they have my sincere sympathies.
However, this whole has really bolstered my faith in Londoners. For the vast majority of people these attacks are a transport problem - a question of 'how do I get home', and 'should I stop for a pint while things settle down'. This is much better than fear, doubt and tail-chasing as we try to stop yesterday's threat and I dare say we'll keep it up.
London's a great city, full of diversity and joy; let's not lose that in a round of finger pointing and insular rubbish.
DVB-T update on 5th March 2005 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
Marcus Overhagen from Mad Scientist Entertainment has been hard at work on his driver for the Hauppage Nova-T 928 DVB-T card.
IsComputerOn have an update on the progress, including a bunch of screenshots.
DVB-T support for BeOS on 30th November 2004 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
Mad Scientist Entertainment have been working on a driver for the Hauppage Nova-T 928 DVB-T card.
Thanks to IsComputerOn for the news. This addresses one of the key wishes for this project, and should make us much more useful.
The card seems quite hard to source in the UK, but is abundant in Germany and works to the same standards on either side of the channel.
Update: A couple of pictures (one, two) showing the driver in action have been posted at DeBUG (in German; rough English translation via Babelfish). Once again via ICO; thanks.
Broadcatching how-to on 24th November 2004 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
Engadget have a handy guide to using RSS and BitTorrent to automatically fetch your programming. They focus on the Azureus BitTorrent client, which is in Java so we cannot use on BeOS (yet), but the principles are useful - particularly where to find useful RSS feeds, and what needs adding to schemes like this to stay legal and undisturbed. I have a few thoughts about how this ought to behave for / under BeOS and will ship the RSS tools and a trial client as soon as I have some time when I'm not working.
Interview on BeOSJournal on 9th July 2004 by Ashok Argent-Katwala[ashok]
Chris Simmons of BeOSJournal (now HaikuNews) recently interviewed me, asking some interesting questions about media and life. If you made it to the site via the interview then thanks to Chris. Do please have a look round and leave comments with any questions or opinions about the project.

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